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What We Offer

Wings Insurance offers comprehensive, cost-effective approach to workers' compensation insurance coverage. Every policy is focused on aviation-specific workplace safety, and is managed by aviation insurance technicians.   Participating companies are eligible to earn a cash dividend on certain policys —up to 25% based upon loss experience—a rare benefit within general aviation.   Policies cover everyone involved with a company's flight operation—pilots, maintenance technicians, flight attendants and flight department managers. There are even provisions for contract pilots, contract flight attendants and contract crew. Uniquely designed for aircraft operators.  

Created specifically with the business aviation community in mind, the Workers' Compensation Insurance Program features several unique benefits including: 

  • Significantly reduced costs for workers' compensation insurance 
  • Opportunities to share in cash dividends—up to 25% based upon loss experience 
  • Broad coverage designed around the needs of general aviation 
  • Educational resources and consulting to maximize workplace safety