Example: N123AB

Risk Management & Procedures in the event of a Claim

Considerations of what to do prior to a claim:

  • The arrangement of company-sponsored safety audits and risk inspections on a regular basis
  • The assignment of a dedicated account claims representative within Wings Insurance
  • Understand who your claims contacts are and if available on a "24/7" basis – Wings is
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Read the policy and become familiar with the claims process and yours & the company’s responsibilities in the event of a claim

What to do after a claim:

  • Notify the insurance company as soon as possible with as much information as is available - use above form if able.
  • Notify the proper authorities. Medical needs, Airport Authority, FAA, Police, etc...
  • Take pictures if able, and do not abandon your aircraft or insured property; take all reasonable precautions to protect the property immediately after the loss.
  • Do not make any statements (oral or written) without insurance company permission. Do not assume any obligation, liability, offer or pay reward or make any payment, except for necessary first aid or to immediately protect property from further damage.
  • Cooperate with, and allow the insurance company to inspect the damaged property prior to repair or disposal.
  • File proof of loss as directed from the insurance company at the time of settlement. This is usually a sworn statement setting forth the interest of the Named Insured, the value of the property at the time of the loss, time, place and cause of the loss.

Relevant Links

  • NATA Safety 1st Program - The objective of the program is to teach personnel proper and safe procedures for ground servicing and refueling, towing and handling of general aviation aircraft and helicopters.
  • FAA - Aviation Accident database, statistics, and current news updates.
  • Aviation-Safety.net - Aviation Accident database, statistics, and current news updates.
  • SandPiperPublications.com - A website providing a multitude of aviation safety guides and publications for purchase and preview.
  • National Transportation Safety Board - For loss notification procedures, accident databases, accident statistics and much more.