About Jeff Dalton

Director of Operations

Graduate of St. Thomas - B.S. in Business Management Commercial Pilot / CFI / CFII

In 2010, Jeff was recruited to Wings Insurance and is a Senior Account Executive. His responsibilities at Wings include management of key commercial and corporate accounts, contract review and oversight, as well as sales support. He also maintains supervision on complex international and London insurance placements, domestic insurance contracts and quota-share placements. Jeff also continues to operate the company Piper Turbo Saratoga for company business.

Jeff brings a very diverse aviation background to Wings Insurance. He began in the industry as a teenager, working at a FBO as a lineman and performing airport maintenance. During this time he completed his flight training through the commercial multi-engine ratings and began flight instructing as a certified flight instructor. Over the past couple of decades he has provided over 4000 hours of flight instruction to clients across the Midwest.

Before joining the team at Wings, Jeff developed the flight instruction programs as a Chief Instructor for multiple flight schools in the Twin Cities. It was his role as a Chief Instructor that gained Jeff his first experience with Wings Insurance while securing coverage for the school as well as clients that were purchasing their first aircraft.

In addition to practical aviation knowledge, Jeff has a background in business. He graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a B.S. in Management. He has been able to use this to manage FBOs and maintenance departments.